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Baci® Perugina® "Made in Italy" : Nestlé presents plan to develop Baci Perugina into a global brand

Strengthening the position in Italy, increase exports, production plant modernization, two new managers with major international experience: the Nestlé recipe for the historical brand of Perugia.
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Baci Perugina New international opportunity for Baci® Perugina® : this is the goal of the development plan including over 60 million euros investment for the first three years. Today, Nestlé Italy managers presented the plan to the unions at Confindustria Umbria in Perugia.

The plan will strengthen the San Sisto factory, confirming its position as one of the centers of excellence for the chocolate production within the Nestlé Group, further reinforcing the presence of the historical brand in Italy and making Baci® Perugina® a symbol of the Made in Italy around the world, like S. Pellegrino® in the mineral water market. The commercial development strategy addresses the internal market as well as international markets with new growth opportunities to improve counter-seasonal production.

The commitment is to make these products – among the most beloved and iconic ones in the chocolate and confectionery art - a symbol of Italian excellence in the world. Managers of Nestlé Italy laid out the steps towards this ambitious goal.

It starts with the set up of the new Confectionery International Business Unit, which the Group has entrusted to Valeria Norreri, one of the key manager responsible for international expansion of S. Pellegrino® brand (1.3 billion bottles sold in 145 countries). Her work greatly contributed to transforming a mineral water into a product now recognized all around the world as a synonym of Italian excellence in the food and beverage market. "I enthusiastically accepted this nomination; for me it is a new, exciting challenge" said Valeria Norreri, Nestlé Italy Confectionery IBU Manager. "Baci® Perugina® has an exceptional legacy of tradition. Sales results of several countries confirm that the product has the potential to win in foreign markets. Now we have the opportunity to develop its value in international markets, relying on the Italian talent that combines the quality of know-how with passion and lifestyle. It’s more than just chocolate: we will tell the pleasure of surrounding with small things, gestures of love, and Italian-style flirting to create unforgettable moments made in Baci® Perugina®".

The new Business Unit has been created within the Confectionery Division of Nestlé Italy. Business Executive Manager will be Bruno Emmenegger. Bruno has been with Nestlé since 1987, contributing to the success of the confectionery business in Mexico, Switzerland and Russia, as well as gaining significant experience in Italy. Besides supporting the international expansion plan, Bruno will have the specific task of consolidating and developing the Confectionery business in Italy, in a market scenario that has undergone profound changes in a recent years. Bruno Emmenegger said, "An historical, prestigious, quality brand like Baci® Perugina® can and must seize all opportunities offered by new consumption habits and new sales channels continuing the work already done and conquering not only the Italian market, but also an increasing number of consumers and markets abroad”.

Part of the business development plan sees a significant investment in innovation at the San Sisto factory: about 15 million euros are foreseen for the introduction of cutting-edge technologies and an advanced organizational model that will allow the factory to respond the needs of increasingly challenging markets. Already today, 40% of the volume produced at San Sisto goes to foreign markets, with Nestlé chocolate bars for all Europe. The modernization plan will increase the factory competitiveness, in order to sustain the business expansion plan.

The San Sisto factory will thus focus on the company's core production: high quality chocolate. The heart of this strategy will be Baci® Perugina®, one of the most successful chocolate pralines in Italy. Thanks to a boost from innovative marketing and communication campaigns, the company has set the ambitious but realistic goal of making this praline one reference for consumers worldwide.

“The Group firmly believes in the historical brand and the plan demonstrates it, because it aims to grow the brand in Italy and worldwide", stated Leo Wencel, Market Head of Nestlé Italy. "This is the reason why we have made major investments and fielded a team of managers who have achieved significant results in brand repositioning and sales increases in the Italian as well as international markets. We are proud to contribute in confirming Perugia as the capital of chocolate not only in Italy but also internationally".